Self-Assembly in Confined Space


Consorzio Interuniversitario Nazionale Per La Scienza E Tecnologia Dei Materiali (INSTM)

Brief description of the organisation:

INSTM is the Italian Consortium gathering academic excellence in the field of Materials Science and Technology. The Consortium is committed to Innovation via a collaborative platform connecting research centers involved in the design of functional materials and nanotechnology. The research teams are associated to the highly recognized Universities of Padova, and Trieste, and to the CNR Institute for membrane Technology (ITM-CNR). Facilities involved in the project: Chemical laboratories dedicated to organic and inorganic synthesis and catalytic screening with state-of-the art equipment including: high field NMR spectrometers (300, 400 and 600 MHz), solid state 400MHz; mass spectrometers (EI, ESI, APCI ionisation mode with quadrupole, ion trap or TOF as mass detectors), MW lab-station (Milestone, ETHOS 1600 or CEM), electrochemical analyzer, AFM, TEM and SEM microscopes, DLS, DSC, TGA.