Self-Assembly in Confined Space


new emissive materials

The new phosphor materials resulting from this project will induce a new twist in the lighting industry in the EU. The scarce, expensive and environment-unfriendly rare-earth elements, which moreover are mainly available through Asian markets, can be eliminated. This way, a more reliable material flow to the European lighting industry will be secured. The newly developed phosphor materials will provide an answer to the need for artificial light sources that have a similar light appearance as natural light. In this regard the proposed phosphors have the potential to surpass the performance of the rare-earth-based phosphors. Moreover, the SACS phosphors are non-toxic (similar materials are currently used in washing powders and anti-microbial cheese coatings), and have only limited impact on the ecosystem, compared to rare-earth materials. As it is in fact a stable, solid, inorganic based material, SACS phosphors can be easily recycled as the most expensive components can be extracted and reused.