Self-Assembly in Confined Space


new conductive materials

ITO material has been extensively used as a transparent electrical conductive material. Electrochromic displays (as well as other technologies) require fully transparent electrodes in order to allow the visualization of color transitions and through the display, as well. ITO has been one of the bottlenecks to commercialization of many transparent electrodes-dependent technologies due to its high cost, as well as to the shortage prediction of indium resources. ITO replacement materials are a current hot topic within the printed electronics community. New conductive materials are one of the keys to success in order to overcome the limitations of ITO. In this project, Ynvisible will assess the use of carbon nanotube self-structured materials as an ITO alternative material. Coatings over flexible plastics will be created and the following parameters characterized: 1) Electrical conductivity (sheet resistance), 2) Electrochemical stability, 3) Optical transmittance and 4) environmental and mechanical resistance.